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  Read The Test Results From The Arizona Automotive Institute
  On September 3, 1997, I Took Part In A Demonstration Held At The Arizona Automobile Institute Which Was Not In Any Way Associated With Or Endorsing The Product Being Demonstrated.
Arizona Automotive Institute Was Simply Being Used As A Facility For Testing.
The Demonstration Was Presented By Mr. Michael Taylor And Mr. Frank Diamond.
The Demonstration Was To Validate That A Fuel Additive Would Reduce Auto Emissions By 80% And Improve Mileage By 20% Or More.
Two Vehicles Were Picked By the Institute To Be Tested.
One Was A 1992 Ford Thunderbird, Computerized Fuel Injected.
The Second Was A 1983 Chevrolet Full Size Blazer With No Computerized Controls In The Carburetor System.
Both Vehicles Were Mechanically Sound And Would Easily Pass Emissions By The Arizona State Standards.
I Felt That Both Vehicles Would Put The Product To One Ultimate Test As Their Emissions Were About As Clean As They Could Possibly Be.
To My Surprise, After Disabling The AIR (Air Injection Reaction) Systems, Which Help Clean Up The Exhaust Even Further In The Catalytic Converter, The Product Worked As Advertised.
Hydrocarbons (fuel pollutants called HCs) Went From 76 ppm (parts per million) To 2 ppm In The Ford.
The Chevrolet Went From 80 ppm To 7 ppm.
Both Vehicles Produced 0% Carbon Monoxide (COs),
I Believe That This Additive If Used By Federal, State, And Local Governments As Well As Companies With Large And Small Vehicle Fleets Would Save Large Sums Of Money In Fuel Costs And Drastically Reduce Emissions.

In My Opinion, Smog Could Be Drastically Reduced At Literally No Cost To The User Because Of The Increased Mileage Per Gallon Benefits.
(Signature On File)
Gary Varner
Master ASE Technician, Instructor
  We Ship Within 24 Hours After Receipt Of Payment Excluding Weekends and Holidays.  
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